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学术报告信息一则(201950):Electrochemical fabrication of nanostructured thin-film for renewable energy applications

发布日期:2019-12-09 作者: 编辑:mm

报告题目:Electrochemical fabrication of nanostructured thin-film for renewable energy applications

报告人:杨阳 教授

主持人(邀请人): 李芳菲 教授




摘要:Freestanding and robust thin-film electrodes are the basis for future renewable energy technology owing to their unique merits: i) additive-free features enable facile fabrication route and long lifetime; ii) can be easily recycled; iii) significantly reduce the weight and volume of the energy devices, especially for batteries and supercapacitors; iv) can be integrated into wearable electronic systems. However, previous efforts fail to make significant progress in freestanding metal compound thin-films due to a lack of fundamental understanding and technological breakthrough in freestanding metal compound thin-films. In this work, transformative thin-film nanomanufacturing technology has been developed to fabricate freestanding metal compound thin-films using a facile and scalable electrochemical route. Both experimental and computational studies indicate that a supreme electrochemical performance can be achieved by tuning the microstructure and composition of thin-films. Outstanding energy storage and hydrogen generation properties are therefore obtained by directly using these advanced thin-films as electrodes.

报告人简介:杨阳,教授,本科及硕士均毕业于ag国际厅,并于2010年毕业于清华大学材料科学与工程系。2010年至2012在德国纽伦堡大学从事洪堡学者研究。2012年至2015年在美国莱斯大学从事斯莫里学者研究,师从石墨烯材料大师James Tour教授。2015年至今就职于美国中佛罗里达大学材料科学与工程系任助理教授。杨阳教授的研究领域涵盖纳米薄膜材料的制备及应用,新能源电池及催化研究,柔性电子学及器件研究等,以发表论文逾90篇,H因子37,已申请及授权专利8项,并荣获皇家化学学会Journal of Materials Chemistry杂志评选的2018年度杰出科学家称号及2018年度Scialog Fellow。