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学术报告信息一则(201946):Applications of thermally sprayed coatings in aircraft engines

发布日期:2019-11-20 作者: 编辑:mm

报告题目:Applications of thermally sprayed coatings in aircraft engines

报告人:Dr. L. Zhao

主持人(邀请人): 任振安 教授





1986Bachelor degreeTsinghua University Beijing

1989Master degree, Metal Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences

1998:Dr.-Ing., RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Permanent scientist at RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Supervising person for thermal spray technology at SEI, RWTH Aachen University, certificated by GTS, Germany

Research field: Thermal spraying technology, Brazing technology, Tribology, Wear protection, Corrosion protection, High temperature coatings, Bio-coatings

Awards: Three “Best Paper Awards” in international thermal conferences

Publication: More than 100


Aircraft engines are the most important components in aircrafts. The modern aircraft engines are extremely thermal-mechanically loaded in application. Besides mechanical properties, different functional properties such as tribological behavior, oxidation and thermal barrier behavior are of high importance. This talk will introduce different applications of thermally sprayed coatings in aircraft engines. These include wear protective coatings, oxidation resistant coating and thermal barrier coatings. The focus is the thermal barrier coatings which are the key technical challenge in engine production.